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Mountain Range

Hey, y'all! I'm Megan.

Thanks so much for stopping by Blue Ridge Quilt Co.!

I'm so lucky to get to quilt for a living! I started sewing in 2009 while pregnant with our first child. Soon after sewing up a few little baby things, I found quilting and was hooked...well, hooked on making quilt tops, anyway. Quilting on a domestic machine has always been challenging for me, and after injuring my shoulder, sit-down quilting became painful and nearly impossible. When we moved to North Carolina, I was able to rent a small studio for sewing and quilt-making, and decided it was time to add a longarm to my collection of machines.


Now in in a larger studio and with a truly professional machine, I'm pleased to offer edge-to-edge computerized quilting services to help others turn their quilt tops in to actual quilts. An APQS Millennium with IntelliQuilter robotics is my workhorse these days. 

My husband, two sons, and I live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Asheville, NC. After spending nearly 20 years in Florida, I'm so happy to now be living in this place that means so much to me - which is why I named my company after it. 

Want to chat more about finishing your quilt(s)?  Give me a call or drop me an email. I can't wait to help you turn those beautiful tops into actual quilts!



P.S. Did I mention that I'm now an award-winning quilter? I was honored to receive the Excellence in Longarm Quilting (Computerized) Ribbon awarded by the Carolina Mountain Longarm Association at the 2023 Asheville Quilt Show.


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